Sunday, July 22, 2007

ThrowUp:Our Lab exhibition Singapore

log date:Saturday,March 10 2007

Participants: Locase/Tech (STG), Suga52,Traseone & Lpd

3 photos above by : MrPhuek

Character design, Starhub Sg

Character design/illustrations for Starhub Singapore.
Agency: DBB Singapore ArtDr: Ah Cheuk

せんしゅうまつ わたしのイラストレーションが シンガポールで見ることができました!!ほんとうにびっくり!!!ありがとうございました、チウックさん!うれしい!うれしい!

Nike Shoxswift design process

The process for this Nike project was around 3 weeks if im not mistaken. There was a few more visuals send before the ninja was finalised.